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3 Ways Web Design Massively Impacts CRO

CRO and Conversion Rates

If you’ve ever had website conversion issues you’ve probably spent hours picking apart your home page and website, your calls to action, and just about anything you can think of that might be the culprit.  What many don’t understand are that sometimes the most minute details are the ones that have the hugest impact on your web conversions.  It might be hard to believe but just the color of a button can dramatically impact the functionality of your website, and sometimes you don’t necessarily know until you make a change.  Don’t believe us?- Check this out:

Have you ever made a change to your site only to notice that moments later your conversion rates drop substantially? Was the change something minor? Perhaps you tweaked the color of an upgrade button, or you swapped out a font style? These seemingly minuscule alterations can have a massive impact on how people respond to your product. I should know. A few months ago, infographics company Venngage decided to change the color of the ‘Upgrade’ button from orange to green. Conversation rates dropped over 30% in 2 days. We immediately went back to orange and everything was fixed! We even got a minor increase in blog traffic. Why? Well apparently orange is an overtly clickable color, according to Unbounce.

Aside from adding orange to your new website color scheme, what other design changed can you make to boost your conversion rates to the next level? The following 3 methods highlight some simple solutions that you can act on right now.

1) One Call-to-Action

Including just one major call-to-action can be a lifesaver for your conversation rates. Many sites make the mistake of overwhelming their site’s visitors with too many offers and actions, that instead of actually clicking one of them, they bounce from the site in search of something simpler. But by sticking to just one main button that converts users, you know they can’t do anything else. They are far more likely to click the only button rather than struggle to decide between multiple options. Whirpool was able to boost their CRO by 42% by going from 4 CTAs to just 1.

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If your site has poor conversion rate and you’re not sure why call us or contact us online, we can audit your site and run diagnostics to determine what may to blame, and we’ll work hard with you to correct issue that will have your site fine tuned.

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