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Why Use Google Ads to Boost Traffic to Your Website?

Google Ads is a highly effective form of pay-per-click advertisement that allows businesses to display small advertisements to web users when they perform searches online. When you search for something on Google, you might notice these text advertisements and easily recognize them as ads, as they are clearly marked as such.

google ads for marketing brand awareness

Perhaps you’ve become conditioned to scroll past these ads, or maybe you have a history of finding great links there. Either way, there’s no denying that they’re successful in getting businesses more website traffic. Let’s take a closer look at Google Ads and how they can benefit you and your company online!

Benefit #1: It’s a Great Partner for SEO

SEO exists to help move you towards the top of the results page on search engines, thus delivering organic clicks and leads to your website. Your entire Google Ads account has customization to align with your business’s ongoing goals and works alongside SEO enabling you to:

  • use multiple keywords as a focus for advertisements.
  • appear at the very top of the results page, as Google Ads are placed above organic results.
  • turn ad campaigns on and off whenever you want.

Benefit #2: It Helps Increase Brand Awareness

Even if your business isn’t exactly what a web user is searching for at the time of their query, your business’s name is still right there at the top. Many of us scroll past the ads, as we are so used to their existence, but do we do this without even glancing at the listed brands? Not likely. Your brand name will stick with them, consciously or not. If they see you again, they may recall seeing your name and feel some familiarity with you, increasing their chances of clicking through to your website.

Benefit #3: It Lets You Get Ahead of the Competition

Are competitors in your local market advertising via Google Ads? No? That fact alone should be convincing enough for your business to take advantage of this helpful marketing tool. Get your name out there before potential consumers even scroll to organic search results where your competitors’ websites are likely found. If conducted correctly, Google Ads ensures relevant, high quality traffic of searchers who are much more likely to purchase or engage with your products or services.

Benefit #4: It Reconnects You with Previous Website Visitors

Window shoppers don’t just exist at a business’s physical storefront – they’re online as well. Every business has online visitors to their website that don’t take any action before leaving. Google Ads can help reel those previous visitors back in with remarketing campaigns.

Benefit #5: It Provides a Way to Measure Your Performance

Google Ads gives you comprehensive results about each ad campaign you run, providing you with information that will help you achieve continued success in marketing your business online or give you essential insights on how to change your advertisements in order to receive the web traffic you desire. Campaign results and analytics from Google Ads will let you see:

  • Who clicked on your ad
  • How much traffic to your website came from the ad campaign
  • The amount of traffic and leads generated by each keyword used in your ad
  • Total leads generated
  • What your cost is per lead

New to Google Ads? We Can Help!

business skyrocket to success online

If advertising with Google is something you haven’t tried yet, reach out to the experts at Advantage Internet Marketing. Our team is well-versed in all of the marketing platforms Google has to offer and has a proven track record of getting our clients the web traffic and leads they need with the successful Google Ad campaigns we create. Contact us today to learn more!

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