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4 Crucial Tips for Improving Customer Engagement on Facebook

When making posts to your company’s Facebook page, it’s essential to know who your customers are, when they’re most active online, and what it is that truly interests them. If your posts are sparse, lacking attractiveness, or simply not optimized for high engagement, you may believe your social media marketing efforts aren’t worthwhile.

facebook business improving engagement from customers

Check out these helpful tips for ensuring your Facebook posts have what it takes to get your customers to actively engage.

Tip #1: Know Your Audience

facebook audience customers

This is one of the first steps to creating a successful content strategy or schedule for your business’s Facebook page. Your followers on Facebook “Liked” your page for a reason, and an obvious one: They are interested in what your business has to offer them. But that’s not all you need to know! Here are the most vital questions you should have the answers to before posting content:

  • How old is your average customer?
  • What age range(s) do your customers fall into?
  • Do your customers find your products or services to be a necessity or luxury?
  • What geographical area do your customers live in?
  • What motivates your customers to spend money?
  • What draws your followers to your particular market or industry?

Tip #2: Know When to Post

You can easily find statistics online that display the latest in Facebook trends. Popular posting times can differ per time of year, audience age, and additional demographics, but it’s typically safe to check out the most recent Facebook analytics you can find to get a good idea of when you should be posting to social media from your business’s page. Depending on your specific needs and the business goals you’re trying to achieve, you can post on social media anywhere from once a week to multiple times per day.

However, don’t forget that there is such thing as posting too often. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm or bother your audience by clogging up their news feed, as this frequently causes business pages to see a decrease in followers and engagement as a whole. When it comes to Facebook posts on your company’s social media accounts, it’s almost always better to choose quality over quantity.

Tip #3: Know What to Post

The best way to get your followers and potential customers to engage with your business on social media is to post great content. Here are some popular post styles that will attract those interested in your industry and encourage them to interact with you on Facebook:

  • Calls-To-Action: People tend to respond best when you are direct with them, so go ahead and tell your followers what you want them to do. Just started a company newsletter? Post a link to your website and write a quick blurb telling them why they need to subscribe. Created an Instagram account for your business? There’s another link you can post with a little insight on what your followers can look forward to seeing from your business once they follow your IG profile.
  • Voting, Reactions, & Sharing: Facebook makes it as easy as ever for users to engage with posts. Create a poll to get customer feedback on everything from their daily habits to which color of a certain product you sell they prefer. Make a post encouraging followers  to use one of the post reaction buttons to share how they feel about a certain topic, service, product, etc. Contests and giveaways on FB are a frequent success as well – just post a chance to win a free gift card or discount for services and require customers to like and share the Facebook post (or even better, your business’s Facebook page itself) to be entered for a chance to win.
  • Viral Posts: Funny, shocking, and heartfelt content is among the most shared online. Seen any trending memes going around your news feed lately? If you can find a way to relate a popular or trending news story, meme, article, or other link to your business, go ahead and share it to your page and watch your customers’ reactions roll in!

Tip #4: Track Your Efforts

Not sure which posts will do best on your business’s Facebook page? Don’t be afraid to test the waters. Create a variety of different posts and make a note of which ones receive more engagement than others. There are general guidelines for timing your posts just right and understanding how often to post depending on your industry and your audience, but you might find that your customers don’t follow what is “typical.” What this signifies is that just because there’s a standard, doesn’t mean you have to stick to it, especially if it’s not ideal for your specific audience.

facebook engagement likes

Still Not Getting the Engagement You Want?

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