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Maryland Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a measurable, flexible, and cost-effective way to advertise your business and website. PPC campaigns target specific keywords to ensure that your ad shows up in the best places.

maryland pay per click

How we know PPC is important

We’ve found that statistics don’t lie. Google averages almost 6 BILLION ad impressions a day through searches. That’s a lot of impressions! That means that there are over 6 BILLION pairs of eyes actively seeking out businesses like yours.

maryland ppc management

How we know PPC is for you

One of the most difficult problems many company owners like you have, is convincing people that they need your service. Pay-Per-Click’s hyper targeted campaigns help eliminate this problem, ensuring that your company’s website, is being seen by people who are ACTIVELY looking for your service or product.

maryland pay per click company

Why Choose Advantage IM

We hear a lot from customers that they tried PPC and it didn’t work for them. Our experience with PPC allows us to hyper target the users that are ready to buy at low bid rates. This helps to keep your costs down, your conversions high, and maximize your ROI.

google pay per click management

Google Pay-Per-Click

Google’s PPC system is called AdWords, and they are pretty ubiquitous on the Internet. These ads appear in Google Search Results, as well as related web sites that have Google Ads.

facebook pay per click management

Facebook Pay-Per-Click

Facebook uses a similar system that targets Facebook users by age, location, likes, and other characteristics. In addition to advertising your website, you can also advertise your page, a post, or an app.

bing pay per click management

Bing Pay-Per-Click

Bing Ads is Microsofts answer to Google’s AdWords. It works in a similar fashion but Ads will appear in the Bing and Yahoo! networks.