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Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business?

In today’s social media-centric world, your business is at a loss if its online presence doesn’t use at least one or two of the most popular social networks. To help you figure out which platform is best suited to your business, we’ll go over a few of the primary networks chosen by the country’s most successful companies.

instagram social media marketing for business

Facebook: A Place for Everyone

With over two billion active users and ownership of another of the largest social media platforms that exist today (see Instagram below), Facebook is king when it comes to social networking. The potential is clearly there for your brand to get noticed by hundreds and thousands of potential customers every day.

Developers at Facebook are regularly putting out updates that contain new and improved marketing features for business owners with a presence on the platform, making it possible for all businesses of all kinds to build their brand. With frequently changing Facebook algorithms and online trends, it takes strategic research and creative marketing efforts to grow your business on the platform.

Twitter: Short & Sweet

Emerging in 2006, Twitter has over 300 million active users. This platform allows you to send out short 240-character ‘tweets’ that can be strategically crafted to reach specific audiences by using keywords in the form of hashtags.

Twitter is best for news-oriented messages and current events and has become a great resource for users to get up-to-the-second news updates around the world. It’s also a place where you can make numerous posts per day and not get complaints from your followers about overwhelming them with your content. Brief and engaging content is Twitter’s modus operandi, a strategy that allows the platform to consistently prove itself as a successful marketing tool for businesses.

Instagram: Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

Bought in 2012 by Facebook, Instagram is a great place for businesses to engage their target audiences by using eye-catching images and short videos. Businesses from small to large love using this platform to showcase and sell their products and services. Instagram’s creators have done their part to ensure a steady output of high-quality features for businesses to boost their brand and even allow viewers to visit company websites or purchase products straight from a profile page, advertisement post, or video.

Can’t Find the Time to Manage Your Business’s Social Media?

As online marketing and social media experts, Advantage Internet Marketing has the inside knowledge and professional tools to not only run your social media for you, but get your business real results from marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Contact our professionals and let us help you grow your business with profitable social media marketing strategies today.

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