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Advantage Internet Marketing Launches

We are excited to announce the launch of Pennyrich Clean is a Maryland residential and commercial carpet cleaning company that specializes in providing Maryland residents and companies with carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, ceramic tile cleaning, vinyl cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, water damage restoration, and more!

We worked with Pennyrich Clean to replace their website that they built with GoDaddy’s Website Tonight that didn’t accurately portray them, convert well, or get them new customers.


Design with the user in mind

One of the more important parts of what our team brings to the table is our focus on the user. Everything that we do through planning, marketing, design, content, and the rest of the process, is user-centric and challenges us to put ourselves in the shoes of the typical user to the site. With this in mind, we worked to highlight the differentiators that Pennyrich Clean has in comparison to their competition including 24/7 emergency service, specialty training, punctuality, that they’re family owned and operated, and more!

Another important part of designing with the user in mind is making the site as easy as possible for the user to navigate. There are countless websites out there that make it really difficult for your average user to find the information that they are looking for. We incorporated in graphics and icons to showcase Pennyrich’s main service areas making it as simple as loading the website and clicking on a person’s need.


Building Trust-worthiness

With our years of web design experience, we’ve learned that arguably the most important part of building trust with your potential client is the proper use of testimonials. While including a testimonial page under the about section is helpful and in some cases the best option for a site, we decided to showcase a testimonial on every page (not just a separate page or on the home page) of the Pennyrich website. Because of the way that SEO works, the fact is that users may not always end up on the home page of the website. Every page becomes a potential entry point to the site. By showcasing decision-making information on one-page, we can attempt to provide the user with all of the information that they need to pick up the phone or fill out the form without having to navigate to any other pages of the site. Some users will still need more information before they feel comfortable making a decision and that’s fine too, but the goal is to make it as easy as possible for someone who needs service now, to help to quickly and efficiently build trust and lead them to get in touch with Pennyrich.


The Finishing Touches

We utilized crisp stock photography throughout the site to help tell their story and better communicate what they do. Our team coordinated through the marketing process, SEO, design, and content to produce one singular strategy for the site and to ensure that all of the parts of the site not only worked, but worked fluidly together towards one goal. As we do with all projects, we will continue to work with Pennyrich Clean, LLC to further optimize their site, their rankings, their conversions, and their leads into the future.

As always our focus is always results, from the marketing, to the design, to the development, to the SEO, our goal is for our clients to grow. If you would like to learn how we can help your company grow, contact us using the form below or give us a call at: (410)848-4737.

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