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Auto Service Mobile Apps

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Auto Service Mobile Apps

An important part of the automotive repair business is retaining your existing customers. Getting repeat business from people ensures that you have a steady stream of work year round. One way you can ensure that people are more inclined to return to your business is by offering them a quality mobile app.

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openingscreenWhat A Mobile App Can Do For Your Shop

One of the best and most obvious ways to get customers to come back to your shop is by offering them coupons. Whether it’s 15% off an oil change or two new tires for the price of one, there are many ways to incentivize your customers to stop back in. And one of the best ways to get these coupons to your customers is through their phones.

Mobile apps can use a technology called “push notifications”. This feature allows an app to force messages to pop up on a user’s screen. Tapping on these notifications can take the user to a screen on the app or to a website. By using this function, you can put your coupons right in front of your customers and get their attention immediately. And on top of that, you can use this feature as a selling point to encourage your customers to download the app (even if you’re giving your app away for free).

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Other Benefits of a Mobile App

In addition to coupons and push notifications, apps can do many other things for your clients and your business. These can include:

  • Allow customers to easily call and schedule appointments
  • GPS technology to help customers navigate to your business
  • Display services available to customers
  • Integrate with WordPress or other content management systems to display blog posts and other web content
  • Integrate with third party APIs to provide additional services (scheduling, customer relations management, inventory management, etc.)
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    Get a Mobile App Today

    Advantage Internet Marketing can work with your auto repair shop to find a solution that fits your business needs. Whether you need a simple app to distribute discount offers or a more complex app to manage scheduling and other shop needs, we can help. Give us a call today to discuss your mobile app or request a free quote.

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