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Designing Your Website With the End Goal in Mind

In today’s day and age, anyone with a camera is a “photographer” and anyone with a computer and Photoshop is a “web designer.” Meanwhile, working with an experienced web design company and designer makes a big difference in the way the design of your website is approached. With years of experience, we’re able to produce a website that is not only attractive, but also fully equipped to help you in achieving your business goals. We work as a team to develop marketing strategies based on your goals, so that we can address them via design, development, content, social media, video, and other marketing means.

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It’s Not All About Design…

When you approach web projects this way, it allows all team members to work toward a common set of goals. This encourages consistent attention to detail and decision making throughout the process. For example, a common goal for our clients is to gain new leads through a form on their website. On the surface, this seems simple—just add a form! But on a deeper level, there are numerous decisions happening. What should a call to action say? What color should a call-to-action button be? Should the form be centered or aligned to one side? Will having testimonials next to the form help the conversion? Some of these decisions relate to design and some don’t, but all of them need to be made by an experienced professional who has your goals in mind.

Another example of something that can affect your site conversions is page load speed. According to Akamai research, a 1 second delay in your page load time can reduce your conversions by 7%. If this is accurate and you average 1,000 web visits a month with a 5% conversion rate, you risk losing 4 potential customers a month.

While the site load time falls into one of the hundreds of goals we attempt to tackle during the development process, it ultimately comes back to design. We design our websites to be creative and unique, but we also keep the site load time in mind throughout this phase. This allows us to focus on the end goal of getting you leads rather than simply designing a beautiful site.

What About Mobile?

Another challenging part of designing today’s website is the end goal of having a single responsive site that functions on both desktop and mobile devices. The content plays a big role in how a responsive website looks and responds, but we always remember to design and develop with the end goal in mind.

Typically, this involves using a grid to allow website elements to collapse from multiple columns and items placed side by side into a single column. We also add functionality to allow the content to be “swiped” through as well as to be larger on small screens. Both of these elements help improve user experience, which in turn helps increase conversions and meet the end goals.

In short, we don’t design in a vacuum—we use our design process as a tool to work toward the end goals of a project and streamline it to provide faster delivery times for our clients. If you would like to learn more about our process and how we can help your company, please give us a call at (410)848-4737 or contact us online today.

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