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Twitter to Stop Including Links and Images in Character Limitations


We are just weeks away from one of the biggest updates being made to the Twitter platform since the great Helvetica versus Gotham debate of 2014.  Yes, in case you were unaware there was an internet war over what font was better to be used on Twitter, and it did in fact change and change back.


Twitter is known for it’s 140 character limitation, forcing users to create direct and simple thoughts to their audience.  For the general public who may be tweeting about lunch, purchases, and events, this limitation will rarely come into play, especially when tweeting becomes second nature.  For businesses however composing an effective tweet in under 140 characters can be challenging, not to mention, if using Twitter as a marketing tool, a best practice is to always include a link and an image.

Twitter for Business

This may not seem like a big deal to most, but that consider that a link currently takes up to 23 characters, and that’s after it is automatically shrunk down.  Images also eat up valuable character real estate and often leave the user with under 80 characters left to compose their marketing message.  This is why the recent change to Twitters character limitation model is going to open up new doors for businesses using it as a tool.

The new update gives us more flexibility to be able to show of a product with a picture, include a link to our website, and have just as much room left to compose a well thought out description or message about a sale or a new item in our store.  This means the world to a marketer that focuses on business growth for it’s clients.

What Now?

Advantage Internet Marketing will be taking advantage of the new characters to focus on branding, website traffic, customer education, and more!  We’ll finally have the space to tell a more detailed story about what some of our clients products and services can do, and we intend to use it very thoughtfully.  If you are interested in social media services for your business contact Advantage Internet Marketing to discuss how we can help you get social.

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