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Sometimes you just don’t want to wait and hope that your customer shows up at your store. If they’re already on your website, why not get them to buy something right then and there? This is where our e-commerce solutions come in. E-commerce allows your customers to buy a product or service directly from your website. It also allows you to manage inventory, prices, shipping, and other aspects of your store.

maryland wordpress ecommerce

WordPress E-Commerce

If you’ve opted for our favorite Content Management System, then you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of E-commerce solutions that work seamlessly with WordPress. A few of these plugins are WooCommerce, Cart66, and GetShopped.

maryland paypal ecommerce

Paypal E-Commerce

Paypal is one of the largest online payment processing companies in the world. In conjunction with a shopping cart solution, Paypal can make it easy to accept and receive payments from customers.

maryland magento ecommerce

Standalone E-Commerce

If you aren’t using WordPress or you want to use a CMS that is specifically built for E-Commerce, there are other options available. Systems like Flying Cart or Magento are standalone shopping carts that can be completely customized and have all of the functions needed for E-Commerce.


Case Study

East Coast Kemiko


East Coast Kemiko came to us looking for a new E-Commerce website to replace their current shopping cart. In addition to an online store, this new system would need to integrate with their brick and mortar locations and sync inventory across all sales channels.


Using Shopify and it’s templating system, we built a new store that would allow both online and in person transactions to take place. Shopify has a variety of features that proved quite useful, including carrier-calculate shipping, invoice creation and abandoned cart reports. Shopify met all of the clients needs and was a cohesive and complete solution.