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Interactive Functions

Interactive Functions

Its hard enough to keep someones attention in this day and age. If you’re expecting them to read long, static pages of information, you can forget it. Fortunately, with the increasingly quick development of internet technologies, websites now have the capacity to be highly engaging and interactive, and most of all, not boring!

Photo Gallery

An easy interactive feature to incorporate into your site is a photo gallery.  Adding a photo gallery will allow you to be able to showcase your products or services in an eye pleasing, engaging, and organized way.  To further increase the functionality of your photo gallery, we can make sure that it’s tablet friendly so that your users can change photos with the swipe of a finger!  It doesn’t get much easier or more interactive than that!

Interactive Forms

Get the information you want from potential customers by directing them to a form they can easily fill out.  While the typical client doesn’t need a large form on their website, some do!  We can build interactive forms that users can add fields to, upload files to, and even ones that stretch across  multiple pages showing different options and fields based on previous entries!


In the last few years, a lot has changed in the world of web animations.  Three years ago, if you had seen a rotating banner, a photo gallery, or any other moving part of a website, nine times out of ten, it would have been built using Adobe’s Flash system.  Nowadays, Flash is frowned upon in the web industry except for very specific circumstances.  We build all of our animations and interactive features using jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3. This ensures that what you see on your desktop will function the same way on your iPhone or iPad.

Rotating Banners

One of our most common interactive features (and also with the most impact) is a rotating banner on the home page. Our rotating banners are built using jQuery and are usually a combination of text and imagery.  These banners are great for getting your marketing message out there and making sure your potential clients know exactly what you do as soon as they get to your site.

Stand out from the crowd by taking your website beyond just another glowing screen of pixels. Make it something your customers will want to look at. Contact Us today to get started on your new website!