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6 Startup Web Design Trends to Consider for 2017

As 2016 draws to a close, it is time to think about the most recent web design trends that we’ve been seeing the later part of this year, and whether or not we think they’ll stay fast or fade away for something greater.  Web design has come a long way and it’s not about to slow down either, we see new techniques being used all the time, websites are becoming more interactive and focused on the user experience. Tech.Co author and Online Marketing Guru Zac Johnson highlights his best trends of 2016:

Stationary Navigation

First and foremost is stationary navigation. Not that it’s startup-specific, stationary navigation is a great way to keep your main links directly before your audience despite how deep they venture. We’re all familiar with it, because it’s incredibly user-friendly. You can keep searching through whatever the website has to offer, perhaps an in-depth explanation of their product, and you’ll never have to look for that ‘buy it now’ link because it’s right in front of your face.


Scrolling. This has been largely impacted by phones and smaller tablets, as we all know scrolling through a page is a lot easier than clicking the miniature (in terms of larger screens versus the smaller ones of tablets) with your thumb or finger. It’s also easy on the eyes. You can take in the information at your own speed, passing graphic images or even stopping at a product-demo-video once in a while. Check out The Boat by SBS to see an incredible example of the power of scrolling.



Another web design trend is the use of icons. Icons present what would otherwise be a large body of information in a clear and concise form. Due to their small size and symmetry, you can convey more information using less. For instance, Peace Bicycles, a Dutch bike manufacturer, uses icons in their main navigation. The user-friendly menu compliments the fun, unique bike style and helps to set the brand’s website apart from competitors.


Read Full list Here

We think Zac’s list really encompasses the top trends of late 2016, and what’s great are the ones that he has chosen are real front runners to take off for 2017.  Stationary Nav if slowly becoming a staple in web design, it makes for an easy user experience and cohesion from desktop to mobile.  We also love Icons and how they have really enhanced user experience this year, especially in eCommerce.  As web Designers we try to stay on top of trends, and focus on strong design and using what’s best for our clients and their needs.  We are eager as a whole to see what’s in store for web design in 2017, based on what we’ve seen this year it’s going to be great!  If you want help making your website great, inside and out, or are a start up looking for a new website from scratch, contact Advantage Internet Marketing to discuss you website needs and how we can make you dreams a reality.

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