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7 Steps to Creating an Epic Blog

Are you looking to start a new blog? Truly breaking into the blogging space is not only going to require in-depth knowledge of your industry, but the ability to make your blog stand out from the crowd. In other words, if you want your blog to be successful, you need to know how to make it into an epic blog. Here are 7 simple steps to creating an epic blog.

1. Keep it Simple

If a blog is too complicated, or has too many clickable areas, it looks busy. A cluttered blog will confuse readers or make them click where they didn’t want to click; either of which could result in the reader exiting the page. To create a truly epic blog, reduce clutter and make sure each page follows the “f-shape” reading pattern by capturing the reader’s attention early in the post.

2. Create Quality Content

The age old argument of quality vs. quantity. The true answer to which is right is actually a healthy mix of both. An epic blog will blow people’s minds with quality content, but will also post frequently enough to stay relevant. It’s okay to take a whole week to write one highly engaged blog post, you never want to sacrifice quality for quantity; but remember to post often enough to stay relevant.

Write content for a blog an 8th grader could easily read.

3. Write for Kids

Avoid overly-complicated content. The best blogs write content as if they are talking to a 6th or 7th grader. According to, less than 25% of Americans can read at a 12th grade reading level; 50% at an 8th grade reading level. In some industries, this can be hard to avoid, but do your best to use shorter, more concise words whenever possible.

4. Write Blog Posts Your Audience Wants to Share

If a blog post gets shared on social networks, it can lead to a huge spike in visitors to your blog. By writing blog posts your audience will want to share, you’re likely to earn new viewers—and you’ll write better content as well! To create a shareable blog post, be sure you entertain the reader and move them to action.

Small business owner writes a blog post

5. Link to Other Relevant Resources

Same-site links to other similar content can build authority with search engines and show you are an expert on a certain topic. Outbound links give search engines a clear idea of what your blog is about and help to build relationships with other businesses in your industry. Truly epic blogs won’t build links with a goal of improving search engine optimization, but instead a goal of creating value for the reader.

6. Make it Sexy

Stronger, simpler words stand out from the crowd. According to World-o-Meters’ daily blog post counter, over 3 million other blog posts were posted across the world on the day of writing this post. To create an epic blog post, your title needs to draw people in with sexier, bolder words allowing it to stand out from the crowd.

7. Keep a Consistent Voice

As part of any small business internet marketing plan, you will first need to understand who your ideal customer is. If your ideal customers are tech-savvy moms in their 40’s, then write your content as though you’re talking to them. If your customers can’t connect with your content on a deeper level, then your blog isn’t epic.

The steps to creating an epic blog are simple, but necessary. If you really want your blog to succeed, be sure to keep these 7 steps to creating an epic blog in mind for each and every post. For more help with creating your epic blog, or any other types of internet marketing in Westminster, MD, get in touch with Advantage Internet Marketing today!

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