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Taco Fiesta: Case Study

We are excited to announce the launch of Taco Fiesta is a wonderful Mexican restaurant located in the Harbor East neighborhood of Baltimore. They have provided customers with their brand of Fast, Fresh, Fun Mexican food for over 20 years.

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Clean, Crisp, Delicious

One of the biggest challenges when working with restaurants are the pictures. While you may be able to get by with a stock photo here or there, having crisp, clean, and clear photos that shows off the quality of the food that they serve is essential to getting people through the door. For Taco Fiesta, we actually scheduled a photo shoot and shot the majority of the food pictures that are on the site. Using quality lighting, staging, and a little depth of focus, the food and all of it’s deliciousness just flies off the page.

While it may seem that photography may be out of an Internet Marketing company’s wheel house, the fact is that stock photography can only go so far. There are some situations and some sites that using stock photography, no matter how good it is, doesn’t serve the user well. Using the actual photos of the food that is served provides the user with an accurate depiction of what it is going to show up on their plate when ordered and (if done well), leaves them salivating at their computer screen.

Bright and Colorful

One of the biggest challenges that we as web designers face, is making intangible emotions palpable. Taco Fiesta’s motto is Fast, Fresh, Fun. These are hard to capture. Over the years, we’ve learned several ways to work to achieve this. For this project, we worked hard to convey these emotions by relying on bright, eye-catching colors, and depicted an active restaurant using proper photo selection. The combination of all of these things results in a site that showcases the Fast, Fresh, Fun motto that Taco Fiesta has always been known for. For an extra bonus, our color selection also allowed us to reinforce the branding from the logo and the restaurant location on the site.

As always our focus is always results, from the marketing, to the design, to the development, our goal is for our clients to grow. If you would like to learn how we can help your company grow, contact us using the form below or give us a call at: (410)848-4737.


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