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9 Reasons Potential Customers are Avoiding Your Website

Are you having trouble converting your website visitors into actual leads? In 2020, it takes much more than an eye-catching website layout to convince potential customers that they should give you their business. In fact, for small business owners, your website could actually be driving potential customers to your competition, meaning you could be missing out on sales…all because of a sub-par website. Keep reading to find out the top nine reasons this could be happening to you.

bad website concerned consumers

1. Outdated Design – It takes less than 7 seconds for people to form an opinion based on what they see.  Your website should be a reflection of your brand and if your site is outdated, disorganized, or otherwise non-professional, they’re likely to assume they can expect the same negative traits in your products and/or services.  Additionally, mobile optimization is essential. Your business can have the most beautiful and professional website in existence, but if it wasn’t designed to convert properly for mobile viewing, you can say goodbye to plenty of potential leads.

2. Difficult-to-Read Content – A website wouldn’t be successful without content, but not just any content will do. The text, images, videos, and other media on your website must be relevant, persuasive, clear, properly-sized, and optimized to suit your audience.  If visitors can’t read and view your content easily, they’ll quickly go out in search of a different website where they can.

3. Too Many Ads – Ads are one way to generate revenue, but having too many on your website can drive people away. Instead, limit the number of ads you have on your website and strategically place them so they don’t interrupt the experience of the visitor. Better alternatives to on-page advertisements include social media marketing campaigns and pay-per-click advertising.

4. Unclear Navigation Structure – Visitors should be able to find the information that they need quickly and easily. Having a website that is hard to navigate is a sure way to lose potential customers. Consider the ideal journey a consumer would want to take through your website. Then compare it to the journey they have to take based on your website’s current design. How do the two match up?

5. Lacking Personality – Giving your brand personality allows your businesses to better connect with potential customers. If your website lacks content that displays this personality in unique and strategic ways, visitors will have a much harder time feeling any sense of connection with your brand and therefore will be less inclined to trust your business to fulfill their needs.

6. Slow-Loading Pages – In a world of consumers that desire instant gratification, it’s not surprising to hear that nearly 40% of consumers will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. If your business’s website is taking this long, or longer, to load the home page, it’s not going to matter how much time and effort was put into the page’s design – because the consumer won’t even see it.

7. Unclear Product Benefits – A business’ website should focus on communicating the benefits of their products and services first, and get into details and special features through individual pages dedicated to each product/service. The features of a product or service are great to share with potential customers, but giving them too much information too soon can be overwhelming and instead push them away.

8. Unappealing or Irrelevant Offers – Creating offers for visitors is a helpful way to increase your conversion rate. However, these offers should be relevant to your target audience, and be enticing enough for the customer to believe they’re getting a good deal, otherwise they may turn to your competitors for a better offer.

9. No Call-to-Action – One of the most important things your website should include is a call-to-action that visitors are drawn to almost immediately upon viewing your website. Telling the online world about your business via your website is great, but without strategically-placed and enticing calls to action, visitors will be left wondering how to effectively complete the task they came to your website for in the first place.

Beat the Competition with Your Brand New Website

Not sure which of these issues applies to your business’s current website? Advantage Internet Marketing can not only analyze your current website for design, content, and optimization issues but will also work hard to implement a solution that leads to more positive online attention for your brand. We are dedicated to helping businesses perfect their online presence and see real results. Call or contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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