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Marketing Terms Explained: What is Brand Storytelling? 

Everyone loves a good story. They can be entertaining, motivational, insightful, or otherwise evoking of emotion. An outcome of good storytelling is the formation and maintaining of relationships. This is because stories bring people of different backgrounds together and keep them engaged. This is exactly what your brand should be doing when developing your overall brand strategy.  

brand storytelling

What Is It?

In essence, brand storytelling is when you utilize a narrative to convey information about your business in order to form meaningful relationships with existing and potential customers. This is done primarily by using visual imaging and content messaging over an array of platforms and media.  You can tell your story through your website, social media profiles, email newsletters, and other marketing channels.

What’s important to keep in mind when telling your story is that the main character in this situation isn’t your business, it’s the consumer. This means that the story should focus on the consumer and the value your company brings to them. Your brand’s story should answer these questions for your audience:  

  • Who are you, as a brand?
  • What product or service to you provide?
  • How does your business engage with and provide for your customers?
  • How do you solve problems as a business?
  • How do you add significant value to a consumer’s life?

TIP: Not sure how to answer all of these questions about your brand and do so in a way that engages your audience? Get help from a digital marketing expert!

What Does Good Brand Storytelling Include?

Great brand storytelling has several components. At the core of it is having quality content that connects to the audience. Quality content for a great brand story should: 

  • Tell the truth
  • Have personality
  • Be relatable
  • Be easy to understand
  • Be emotional

In addition to these things, it’s important to produce content that people, in general, can relate to. Marketing to your specific audience is vital, but you can reach even more potential customers via brand storytelling if you find the right way to connect with and evoke a positive response from a wide range of consumers. 

How We Can Help You Tell Your Brand’s Story

Advantage Internet Marketing has been helping small businesses develop their brand, share their story, and market their business online for many years. Our focus is on results, which means that we work hard to develop and implement brand stories that deliver more clients to your business over time. Because we’re a local business, we’re able to take the time to sit down and get to know your business inside and out. We care about every business we work with and want to deliver the best results possible.

Call or contact us today to see how we can help you start telling your brand’s story

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