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Advantage IM is Proud to Launch:

2ndFamilyWe are excited to announce the launch of 2nd Family Home Health Services, LLC is an Eldersburg senior caregiver that provides elder care and home health services to their customers in Maryland. When 2nd Family approached us and told us about how their company is helping families dealing with a need for personal care and/or home care for a loved one, we saw a passion for what they do that wasn’t being conveyed on their existing website.

An Emotional Connection

We worked with the President and VPO of the organization to work through the goals of the website and specifically who they were trying to help. Almost immediately, we saw the need for the website to make an emotional connection with the user of the website who, given the nature of the services provided, was probably having a tough time. The website design needed to be easy to navigate and clear what they do, while also remaining soft and simple enough to not overwhelm or upset the family members of prospective clients.

Web Video

One of the things that overwhelmed us while meeting with them, was the impact that the 2nd Family team had, while providing Carroll County elder care, on not only their clients but the families of their clients. Our team realized, “What better way to focus on the large impact this organization is having on these lives then featuring a video of their clients giving their testimonies as the center point on the home page.” Having these families share their honest experiences with 2nd Family, 2ndFamilywould make that emotional connection better than any amounts of beautifully worded text and pictures ever could.

Finishing Touches

After building a site based around the marketing strategies that we developed including testimonials, a direct call to action, and carefully written content, we optimized the site for Search Engines to ensure that people could find it and worked with 2nd Family to bring the site live. As we do with all projects we will continue to work with them to further optimize their site and track rankings into the future.

As always our focus is always results, from the marketing, to the design, to the development, to the SEO, our goal is for our clients to grow. If you would like to learn how we can help your company grow contact us using the form below or give us a call at: 410.549.4737.

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