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Advantage IM is Proud to Launch:

We are excited to announce the launch of BWS, Inc. is a Baltimore, Maryland waste removal provider that provides medical waste removal, hazardous waste removal, and universal waste removal services to their customers in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.

When BWS approached us and we learned a bit more about their company, we never would have believed how widespread their reach was and how many clients there were serving on a monthly basis based on their existing website.

A Professional Image

bws2One of the problems with their existing website was that their site came across as sterile. You never would have believed that they were handling the bandwidth of monthly clients that they were and their direct competition was much larger, national-scale waste removal services. These national level companies carried with them national level marketing and branding efforts. Our team worked with BWS to determine what their major selling points were, the things that truly helped them to stand out from their competition and we ran with it. The final site communicated their level of expertise, their trust-worthiness, the benefits of working local, and additional selling points like no monthly fees, best price guarantees, no contracts, no hidden fees, and the list goes on and on. Often what we find is that our clients services when compared with the competition sell themselves… but, it’s our job to make those differentiators clear to their potential clients in a web friendly and usable way.

An Emphasis on Usability

bws1We worked with the General Manager of the organization to determine the goals of the website and to better segment the different markets that they serve. In our discussions, we realized that how they had been segmenting their services, while making sense to them on the backend, came across as confusing to the average web user or potential new client. Through our marketing strategy meetings and dialogue with the client we developed and established a site structure that was easy for a potential client to follow and find the services that they need, but also segmented in a way that honors how the company was structured.

The Finishing Touches

bws3The above items are just a few of the details that went into producing this winning design. Using and incorporating crisp stock photography, a payment gateway for invoices, strong testimonials, a direct call to action, and targeted content, the website was optimized for search engines to ensure that people would find it. Even the best designed website in the world is only as good as the amount of people who end up looking at it. The site has generated new business for the client and as we do with all projects, we will continue to work with BWS to further optimize their site and track their rankings and leads into the future.

As always our focus is always results, from the marketing, to the design, to the development, to the SEO, our goal is for our clients to grow. If you would like to learn how we can help your company grow, contact us using the form below or give us a call at: (410)848-4737.

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