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What’s Working with Instagram Advertising?


You may have used Instagram personally, or at the very least heard about it as a new social media channel. Did you know that more and more businesses are using Instagram as a marketing channel?-it’s true!

We are seeing Instagram trend as a new platform for advertising and targeting, many companies that once wouldn’t have interest in this type of content are stepping up. This article with tips and stats will give you some insight into why Instagram is becoming more and more popular for businesses.

“My work involves looking into larger trends we (at Nanigans) observe across our base of hundreds of large advertisers, primarily within the Facebook ecosystem. What’s particularly interesting about Instagram as a newer platform is that the architecture of the ad environment is similar to Facebook’s, and we’ve observed remarkably comparable performance across the two channels.

Yet, as creative best practices continue to emerge for Instagram ads, some differences do present themselves.”

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