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Advantage Internet Marketing Launches Okun/Billian, PA

We are excited to announce the launch of Okun/Billian, PA is a Owings Mills, MD Divorce Lawyer whose Maryland legal services include: divorce law, child custody, wills & estates, child support, personal injury, criminal law, and more!

Alan Billian, one of the firm’s partners, contacted us based on a referral and we met with him to discuss his website, internet marketing, and search engine optimization. We were eager to get started on assisting the firm in taking their internet presence to the next level.


What Makes You Different

We’ll never get tired of saying it, but one of the most important things that you can do for your website and your internet marketing is to tell your potential client why they should work with you. Determining what sets you apart from the competition can be the hard part, but once you know, make sure everyone else does too! Okun/Billian’s big differentiators are there 40+ years combined experience, a 4.8 star rating on and a FREE initial 30 minute consultation.

We’ve done several other legal sites and have a pretty good familiarity with the industry and policies and offering a free consultation is a really rare thing which says a lot about the mindset, values, and goals of Okun/Billian and how they run their practice. Okun/Billian are lawyers who care about their clients and work to make the process as client focused and friendly as possible.


A Different Approach

You often hear nightmare stories about divorce lawyers, they tend to be cut-throat, fierce, and strive to make life as unpleasant as possible for their client’s spouse. Okun/Billian take a different approach and try to keep the situation as amicable as possible focusing on the future instead of the past, in fact, they wrote a book on it called Happily Separating. We setup a separate callout on their site to give away the first chapter of this book. The goal of this was two-fold, to help offer support to potential clients going through a tough time introducing them to the helpful book, and also, to provide contact information for them so that they could be contacted to see how Okun/Billian could assist them with their legal needs.


Clean, clean, clean

The site for Okun/Billian is a very clean design incorporating plenty of white-space, texture, crisp lines, and strong typography. Often times these 4 things make or break a design and are the difference between a good design and a great design. White-space (also known as negative space) is vitally important to effectively communicating your message to your clients. If you’ve ever gone to a website and seen the design and something just felt… off, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was, chances are white-space was at least partly to blame.

White-space refers not to the part of a design that is the color white, but the area between the objects of a design. Having good white-space keeps a website from looking cluttered and helps the users eye to be able to better navigate the site and know what they should do or read next on the site. This in combination with subtle textures and crisp lines, produce a design that is well sectioned, vibrant, easy-to-use, and polished.


The Finishing Touches

The site was polished off with strong, crisp stock photography that worked with the white-space, lines, and textures to pull everything together. Testimonials were also included to show how they have helped others in the past and the site was ready to go! As we do with all projects, we will continue to work with Okun/Billian, PA to further optimize their site, their rankings, their conversions, and their leads into the future.

As always our focus is always results, from the marketing, to the design, to the development, to the SEO, our goal is for our clients to grow. If you would like to learn how we can help your company grow, contact us using the form below or give us a call at: (410) 848-4737.

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