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Apple Maps vs. Google Maps and Waze


At Advantage Internet Marketing we work closely with our clients to help them market themselves online and achieve great levels of web traffic.  Part of that complex SEO strategy involves Google Maps.  We like to stay ahead on trends, after seeing this great news it looks like soon we could be optimizing for Apple Maps as well as Google!

When Apple unleashed its homegrown Maps app with the release of iOS 6, the app was famously plagued by a seemingly endless stream of bugs, usability problems, and above all else, inaccurate mapping directions. Compounding matters was the fact that Apple Maps lacked many basic features found in competing app programs, with transit directions being a prime example.

But as the years passed by, Apple Maps quietly got a lot better: mapping directions improved and Apple finally rolled out integrated transit directions with iOS 9 last year. But it’s not as if Apple Maps existed in a vacuum, which is to say that competing programs like Google Maps and Waze did not sit idly by while Apple Maps improved. As far as Apple Maps has come in recent years, many people are still beholden to Google and Waze.

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