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Picking the Perfect Picture for Digital Marketing

 In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, visuals are a powerful tool for capturing attention and driving engagement. However, selecting the right picture goes beyond simply choosing an appealing image. Different digital marketing platforms have unique requirements and audiences, each needing careful consideration regarding visual selection. Keep reading to dive into the importance of choosing the […]

Direct vs. Indirect Marketing: How to Approach Your Customers

direct vs indirect online marketing

The term “direct marketing” typically makes people think of door-to-door sales and similar up-close-and-personal techniques, and they aren’t far off. Direct marketing is a more upfront and straightforward approach to growing your business, while indirect marketing uses a more gentle and refined course of action. Let’s take a look at both and discuss the success […]

4 Steps To Scheduling Live Video on Facebook

facebook live video, how to, internet marketinf

Live Video via Facebook is becoming a huge Marketing trend for 2016 and into 2017! It is in fact so popular and successful for businesses and users alike that that YouTube and other notable channels are adding live video features or tools. At the moment when a company or influencer is going to do a […]

7 Ways to Kill Your Brand

branding, marketing, internet marketing, tips, tricks, help, maryland, SEO

We usually try to focus our efforts on teaching our clients how to do the right thing, but when we read this list of 7 marketing gimmicks that can damage your brand we were left shaking our heads.  We couldn’t agree more that these 7 tactics are a surefire way to hurt your brands overall […]

Why 68% of Organizations Feel More Confident In Their PPC

Recently we came across an article published by KOMARKETING on the “state of Pay-per-click”.  We really appreciated the political pun, we also agree that more and more organizations are more confident that PPC works now than last year, and this is based on our in -house experience.  Here is what the article had to say: […]

Customer Strategy and Personalized Marketing

We have discussed quite recently in our AIM blog that personalized marketing is quickly leaving “Marketing Trend” status and moving into the “Marketing Cornerstone” category. Most advertising across industries is focused now on the importance of serving up one-on-one messaging across digital media platforms. Every brand wants to be able to speak directly to you and […]

What’s Under Your Website’s Hood?

SEO, marketing, web design, AIM

Websites are a lot like cars, they require tune ups, regular maintenance, and help our traffic get from point A to point B.  When you and your competitor’s website pull up along the starting line and race, what determines who takes the checkered flag?  Websites are also a lot like cars in that they may […]

What is Infotainment

video, infotainment, marketing

Infotainment. You may have heard this buzzword recently in several marketing articles around the web, but what is this new term exactly? And what are we to learn and expect of one of 2017’s most important marketing trends? Infotainment is quite simply put this way: broadcast materials that are meant to both inform and entertain. […]

Is Mobile Gaming the Next Big Marketing Channel?

app, marketing, internet, web design

If you’ve played more than a few phone app games you may have noticed what I have: the advertising.  I am not just talking pop-ups, I mean several forms of advertising right down to game event sponsors, credits within the game for watching sponsored videos, and “hidden” marketing signage within the apps.  While I think […]

Why Not to Buy a Reputation

Your reputation is your business.   We’ve heard this a million times, we live to provide excellent service so that our reputation remains unscathed and our business can grow as a result. It’s not easy to run a business, local and small businesses need all the help they can get, it’s hard enough to manage […]