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What is Infotainment

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Infotainment. You may have heard this buzzword recently in several marketing articles around the web, but what is this new term exactly? And what are we to learn and expect of one of 2017’s most important marketing trends?

Infotainment is quite simply put this way: broadcast materials that are meant to both inform and entertain.  In a more detailed sense of the word it really encompasses and defines a very specific video marketing channel.  Infotainment can come in the form of print , radio, and more. However, when we discuss it as a new marketing trend this is the form that it takes.  This content that is delivered to you is designed to be educational yet extremely engaging.  Something we strive for in marketing is maintaining consumers interest and keeping it for as long as possible. In fact, YouTube considers time spent watching a video now much more valuable than an actual view itself.

Who is making Infotainment?

There are marketers out there who have been serving up infotainment content for years already. Take the Food Network for example – prime infotainment! You can learn to cook a meal whilst enjoying witty banter from any number of online celebrity chefs. Heck, they might even be competing for a prize, you never quite know!  Food Network gets it; they teach, entertain, engage, and keep us watching.

In recent years internet video started creeping it’s way into our lives and replacing television as one of our most watched media outlets, and YouTube now ranks as the second largest search engine only to Google. With this quick popularity shift, now is the time for video creators to consider infotainment as a genre that needs to be addressed.

One of my personal favorite Infotainment channels on YouTube is SciShow. I could binge watch tons of these in just one sitting.  Their model is perfect in my opinion: Smart and humorous videos with educational content that is easy to digest, delivered by interesting people, and sometimes under 2 minutes!  It doesn’t get better than that.

Why Infotainment Works

Let’s talk consumers and more specifically millennials. The younger target audiences of today have grown up in a world of technology, and as a result have become very dependent on the internet as a means to do, well, just about everything.  As a result of the amount of time they spend online, they also have a shorter attention span and require their content quickly and easily digestible.  The way we are seeing marketers answer this need through video is easy, we make the content exciting and engaging, thus delivering the information almost subconsciously through the entertaining piece.  Think of it like a mom hiding vegetables in some other form of food to get their kids to eat it.

Without the entertainment factor we are seeing high bounce rates and poor conversions, if you can’t entertain your audience they will just click away and find someone who will.

How To Use Infotainment

Infotainment can be used for branding, sales, building trust within your audience, attracting new leads and the list goes on.  The key to creating infotainment is to be direct with your message, make it easily digestible, and make it fun.  This is the type of video marketing that really allows you to be creative.  If you are interested in creating video content or other internet marketing tools, contact Advantage Internet Marketing and we’ll help you make something amazing!

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