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Creative Social Media Marketing Tips You Don’t Hear Every Day

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We understand that social media can be an afterthought for small business, it’s impact is often hard to validate, but we still encourage all of our clients to use it as a tool and to learn how to use it for growth.  Recently Small Business Trends posted an article: “45 Creative Social Media Marketing Tips You Don’t Hear Everyday.”  This list is a great resource for small business and also for those who are looking for new ways to use their social media channels as a marketing tool for their business.  Form the list we chose 5 we think are top notch:

Start a Hashtag for Testimonials

Testimonials can also be great content for businesses to share on social media. But finding testimonials that can be boiled down enough to fit into a tweet or social media post can be a challenge. So consider creating a hashtag specifically for that purpose and then encourage your customers to share their testimonials in that format. You can then repost their thoughts directly to your followers.

Share Tutorials That Use Your Products

Aside from just sharing information or photos of your products, you can use social media to give people cool ideas for how to actually use them. So you can create and share quick tutorials that highlight some of those unique uses or ideas.

Partner with Other Companies to Share Product Ideas

You can actually amplify the reach of some of your posts by working with other companies to create social media campaigns. Consider showing off your product in use with another company’s product and both of you can share it on your channels. This can be especially useful for posts like recipes or DIY projects.

Ask for Photo Submissions

The content you share on your social media channels doesn’t always have to come directly from you. You can ask your customers regularly to share their photos of your products or anything related to your industry and then share those photos.

Post Sneak Peeks

You can also post some sneak peeks of new products or offerings where you only give a partial view to followers. Then you can even ask customers to guess what they think will be released in order to get them more involved.

These are just a few great ways to exercise your social media muscles for small business!  To read the full list click here and if you’re interested in help with your companies Social Media marketing contact Advantage Internet marketing today!

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