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Custom Facebook Like Buttons

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It wasn’t that long ago that Facebook updated its like feature to include several new options of emoji’s (We are still waiting for a dislike button).  Today you may have noticed as you opened your Facebook page that their buttons are customized to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.  This isn’t exactly news, Google has been creating custom “Google Doodles” since 1998.  What is interesting is that one of the Marketing trends for 2016 and beyond is “Personalized Marketing”.  This is where the content is personalized for the audience, while Facebook made this change across the board we can see this becoming something that can be customized per the user in the near future.

Similar to custom downloadable sticker packs that Facebook offers in their messenger app, we anticipate that Facebook users in the future will be able to create custom skins that allows them to choose themes that suit their personality within the Facebook user experience.  One example being the like buttons, why stop at Star Trek?  We want Star Wars, Dog Lover’s, Cats, Musical, Sports, Seasonal, and Geeky like buttons.

While we can’t say that this will actually happen, but based on the newest marketing trends and the ever growing capability of Facebook and its many features, this is one that we predict we’ll have access to in the future.

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