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Tips for Small Business Video Marketing

video marketing for small businesses

It is clear that video marketing is taking the forefront of online and social marketing channels these days, and with it are coming many new features, options, and outlets for small businesses to take advantage of.  Many small businesses are using Facebook Live video as an easy tool to learn and it is proving to be very successful when done right.

With new marketing outlets like these, there will be challenges and road blocks that small businesses will have to overcome. If you plan to use video marketing as part of your online marketing plan, consider the following tips before taking your first steps.

Understand What Videos are For

Jumping right into video marketing without understanding what videos are used for and what to expect from them could cause problems down the road.  Have a clear understanding that videos strengthen brands, help with search, educate your audience, and help to solidify your small business as an industry expert.  Videos do not immediately convert sales – they are longer term strategic tools that can help to build a more trusted audience down the road.

Knowing What Kind of Videos to Create

There are endless possibilities for video topics, but some may not make sense for your business.  While creating a How-To video could be a tremendous outlet for some, it could be disastrous to others.  The most important thing to consider is what your audience wants and needs. Some basic guidelines for what type of video to create are:

  • Create videos on frequently asked questions your customers have
  • Include relevant keywords in your videos when creating and posting
  • Keep videos simple and in only one direction
  • Don’t forget your call to action
  • Do include logos and branding

Use the Right Equipment

If you are ready to start using video as a tool to grow your business you need to consider cameras and software. You should reach out to a professional to discuss the job, show examples of other videos you hope to match quality on, and have a budget.  If you aren’t ready to make the plunge on equipment, don’t cut corners – invest your budget with a marketing company that can help create good quality video fro you. Don’t waste time with cheap equipment that will only provide you with poor results.

Have a Plan

If you think that creating a video will be a short job that you can have uploaded in one day, you might want to think again.  You will need to plan out how your video will be used and where it fits in your marketing plan.  You should also consider budget, time line, script, how your video will get in your pipeline, and many other factors.  Spend time thoughtfully planning a video instead of diving right in.

If you’re considering video marketing for your small business but don’t know where to start, contact Advantage Internet Marketing for help. We are experienced in planning, writing, shooting, editing, and publishing videos that help grow businesses.

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