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Google Maps is Keeping up with Trends

If you have not at least heard of ‘Pokémon Go’ recently then you may be living under a rock, and one of those outdated rocks that doesn’t have wifi.  The newest craze to hit the world this month, is the free interactive game recently released by Niantic, that allows you to locate, capture, battle, and train creatures called Pokémon.  While this App tends to ‘catch‘ a bad wrap in the news, it’s a trend that we don’t see dying anytime soon.  Because the game requires you to move in the world around you and explore Google Maps has stepped up and started mapping out those creatures for the gamers.


WCVB BOSTON —Pokemon trainers in Massachusetts are getting a helping hand from Google Maps in their quest to catch ‘em all.

Google maps for “Pokemon Go” have been appearing around the country to help players locate Pokestops and gyms, but a map of Boston called “Gotta Catch ’em All” is letting players know where they can capture certain Pokemon.

The map only shows Pokemon available within the I-95 belt, but is chock-full of Pokemon, including where you can find epic catches like Lapras in the Boston Commons or a Snorlax at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The Pokemon available are broken down by uncommon, rare, ultra rare and epic catches.

Click here to view the map

Google Maps stays up on all the current trends going on in our culture, and because of that, we stay up to date on everything Google Maps has to offer.  We integrate Google Maps into our SEO efforts as part of our comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy.  If your business is trying to better it’s search ranking or create a new internet marketing strategy for the future, we can help!

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