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Not Using Facebook Ads? You’re Missing Out…

Facebook Advertising for Businesses

Facebook advertising is nothing new. This advertising network is widely used by every industry—and for good reason. Needless to say, if you’re not running Facebook ads, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to promote your business, engage with your customers, and generate quality leads. Your Business is Missing Out if You’re Not Doing Facebook […]

6 Social Media Ideas to Try: For Small Business

social media marketing, marketing, internet marketing, small business

If you are a small business, you may be managing your own social media business account, then there’s your business’s Twitter account, Instagram? -Wow Social media sure has taken over the internet you might think to yourself, and you’d be right.  While Social media still isn’t the best tool for generating sales it is an […]

Instagram has more than 500,000 active advertisers

instagram, social media, marketing

It isn’t news that Instagram is popular and is still gaining popularity in the form of new users. What is interesting however, is that Instagram, who opened up its doors to business accounts just months ago, has more than doubled it’s advertising base since February.  While there are many businesses out there who don’t have […]

4 Must Know Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing is a 2016 trend that won’t soon go away, videos are in high demand and are considered the biggest opportunity for content marketing today.  We are seeing a huge shift is clients that want video content and to answer that demand we’ve made video a priority at our agency, we focus on business […]

PPC Management: How to Write Influential & Effective Ad Copy

We all know that Pay-Per-Click Advertising is important and critical to positioning well in search, but even if you’re targeting the best audience and have a robust bid campaign happening with a great budget, are you really getting the most out of your ad? There’s a reason why we gravitate towards businesses ads and marketing […]

Promoting Your App on Social Media

Americans spend countless hours each week online, almost 20% of that time that we are connected to the internet is way of social media platforms.  This makes social media one of the most efficient platforms for advertising, and especially for apps.  Aside form being able to target very specific audiences through Facebook and other channels, […]

What’s Your Industry’s Standard Cost Per Click?

The Cost Per Click in Google Adwords is determined by many factors, but one of them that weighs in hard are the number of industry competitors that are also vying for advertising space.  If you have a niche business in a small town with no competitors, let’s say you live in the Small town of […]

The Mobile Investment Debate

The debate on whether to invest in mobile is still being discussed, general consensus is still that all trends point to mobile web traffic taking over desktop at some point in the future.  At the moment it is safe to say that almost 50% of all web traffic is from mobile.  This should come as no […]

Facebook’s Ad-blocking Decision

There have been many Facebook Changes  and Updates this week and last, we’ve seen re-organization and are really loving the new look and feel.  Something you might not necessarily notice are that there are no more ads, or are there?  Facebook has made the decision so make it’s HTML behind ads indistinguishable from the organic […]