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What’s Your Industry’s Standard Cost Per Click?

The Cost Per Click in Google Adwords is determined by many factors, but one of them that weighs in hard are the number of industry competitors that are also vying for advertising space.  If you have a niche business in a small town with no competitors, let’s say you live in the Small town of berlin, MD, population 4,600.  You sell bobble heads of your favorite U.S. Presidents, chances are you won’t be paying much per click on your advertisements, you don’t have anyone bidding against you for this space.  However if you are a lawyer in the Baltimore Washington D.C. area, well those spots will be few and far between and you had better have a great budget to work with.

The average cost per click across all industries is $2.32, in some of the area around Maryland that we work with we can see those numbers fall well below $1, so location is key.  To illustrate the drastic difference between industries like dating and home goods for example, take a look at this great infographic courtesy of WordStream.

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Attorneys are topping the charts as the biggest spenders with the highest average cost per click, coming in at around $5.88 a click, followed up by employment services and consumer services.  It’s great to have a niche that affords you a minimal average cost per click, if you don’t however, you’ll need an air tight Pay Per Click Marketing strategy.  If you need help refining your Pay Per Click Campaigns or think your business is ready to grow through digital advertising contact us today, PPC is an integral step in our full service marketing strategy.

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