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6 Social Media Ideas to Try: For Small Business

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If you are a small business, you may be managing your own social media business account, then there’s your business’s Twitter account, Instagram? -Wow Social media sure has taken over the internet you might think to yourself, and you’d be right.  While Social media still isn’t the best tool for generating sales it is an excellent way for small business to tap into their audience, engage, ask questions, and build brand awareness and trust. Social Media for Small Business isn’t something to just shrug off, even if you have only 25 Facebook fans on your small business page, those 25 might just be the resource you’ve been looking for to grow your company.

Out of a long list of many, we have selected our top 6 small business ideas for social media, if you’re out there struggling for content, not knowing how to properly engage, you might want to give these a try, or contact us for some serious Social Media help.

Channel Your Inner Artist

That’s right, get creative! -Find new ways to get your name out there, we’ve seen businesses twitter handles in strategically placed graffiti, sidewalk chalk, interesting and unique signage.  Use your creative side and while doing so incorporate your social media handles.  You might also consider commissioning a mural in your area with your branding on it, this is like a permanent bill board that not only makes the neighborhood beautiful but also gets your brand out there.

Get Your Name Out There

Your Social Media handles need to be branded just like you do, use your name in a smart, easy, short, catchy way and then get that on all your collateral.  Business cards for businesses can include social media handles and you can even create your own branded hashtags.

Piggy Back on The Popularity

Who doesn’t love a good #MCM, find ways to use popular hashtags to let your business join in on the fun.  You’ll be found easier if you piggy back on some of the Internets most popular weekly hashtags!

Be Live

Both Facebook and YouTube are now offering Live Video options, the rest are soon to follow, don’t be scared to show your customers around the behind the scenes of your business, and live!  This content is the most underutilized but otherwise most popular thing to do at the moment.

Follow The Competition

We don’t mean follow in their footsteps, we mean actually follow them on social media.  You should be following and keeping tabs of your competitors on a regular basis, stay up to speed on what they are doing and be sure to marketing yourself uniquely but to also provide answers to your competitors offerings.

Use Guest Content

At any time you can commission social media content by way of a guest poster, guest blogger, etc.  You can even reach out to your best customer and ask them for a testimonial, use this outsourced content to speak to the consumer from the consumer.

If your small business isn’t very social, but you know you need to be, or if your bossiness has tons of fans, but you just can’t find the time to create and post content, contact Advantage Internet Marketing, we make social media work for you.


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