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4 Must Know Video Marketing Tips

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Video marketing is a 2016 trend that won’t soon go away, videos are in high demand and are considered the biggest opportunity for content marketing today.  We are seeing a huge shift is clients that want video content and to answer that demand we’ve made video a priority at our agency, we focus on business story telling, explainer videos, and video optimization for search.  If you’ve been saying that your company has needed a video but haven’t had the time or resources to do so, consider it now, video marketing is quickly becoming the most important content to have!  Some tips from a recent article we found seem to ring true to what we also educate our clients on are:

Video marketing tips

  1. Changing the player color can increase play by 20% – so make sure you can match your brand to your video player. For example, Wistia enables a marketer to customize how a video looks without requiring a developer.
  2. Consider adding interactivity to your video while it’s playing. Things like annotations to pop up over the video and CTAs at specific points in a video can drive better conversions.
  3. Analytics help you understand who is watching the video. When evaluating video vendors, consider their analytics capabilities. In Wistia’s case, you can not only see who watches a video once but also see who’s rewatching a video and what points in the video they are re-watching. This level of detail can help you figure out if something needs a better explanation, so you can add an annotation with a link to a blog post for more information or maybe it needs a separate video on its own
  4. Heatmaps can tell you how a video is watched, including how many times they’ve watched it, where they are skipping. You can even drill down into a particular viewer’s video viewing history and see the order videos were watched and when they were watched. Savage said that if you can figure out what’s the first video that people are watching, then you can understand the value of that video and know to place it in prominent locations on your website.Read More here.

Our goal is to create sharable, relatable, and educational video content that help your business get noticed and makes you found more easily.  We also want to see that you are positioning yourself as an industry leader and expert, to discuss video in more detail and to find out how we use the above tips to make you a killer business video call 410.848.4737 or contact us online.

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