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Content Marketing: The Hurdles

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If you attend a marketing conference or talk these days, you’ll hear all about how Content Marketing is King.  We are drilled over and over that this is the way of the future of marketing and it really all sounds great, here’s a few things you might be told:

  • You have to create awesome content
  • Build relationships first and your customers will buy later
  • Deliver the wow factor
  • Master the art of storytelling
  • help users find your content online

Sounds simple enough right? – Companies today must act as publishers, we are finding that many businesses are hiring full time journalists to accommodate the shift to content marketing, it is literally that aggressive.  Not only are we seeing content jobs being created and filled but the big data supports the need for content as well, metrics prove that more than half of buyers rely on content to research purchasing decisions and that an astounding 95% of buyers are willing to consider a vendor if it has trustworthy content.

Content is a hard nut to crack and if not done correctly can waste valuable time and dollars.  Don’t believe us, here’s a list of the top hurdles faced when created content for the web:

1. How frequently will you publish content?

Many marketers write a nice blog post once in a while, add in some keywords, and hope the post will find its way to the “top of Google search” or go viral. That’s unlikely to happen. Writing one to two blog posts a week is like dropping a cup of salt into the ocean. It makes no difference.

But to make an impact, you usually need to create 10 to 20 articles a week, if not a lot more. A mattress company launched a content platform as its core marketing strategy. They prepared over 100 to 200 articles before launch and maintained a speed of eight articles a day for almost a year. They employed a team of four full-time writers, plus an editor. It paid off for them, but not every business can easily allocate such resources for content initiatives.

Elite Daily, in its early days, created around 100 posts a day for its millennial readers. Imagine you’re a brand that wants “act like a publisher” to reach millennials through content marketing, think about outpacing those publishers to get your customers’ attention.

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In order to save time and money a content marketing strategy should be carefully crafted to suit your audience, posted with the correct frequency, and add tremendous value.  You also have to have the man power and know what you are getting yourself into, in order to be great with content you have to make an investment.  If you feel like your business needs more content or if you’re not sure where to even begin, contact us today, we can discuss the best content marketing strategy for you and your audience and write high quality article and blogs that will Wow your consumers and give you the online credibility that can drive future sales.


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