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Not Using Facebook Ads? You’re Missing Out…

Facebook advertising is nothing new. This advertising network is widely used by every industry—and for good reason. Needless to say, if you’re not running Facebook ads, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to promote your business, engage with your customers, and generate quality leads.

Your Business is Missing Out if You’re Not Doing Facebook Ads

So, what exactly are you missing out on? What aspect of Facebook advertising have you overlooked? If you’re not using Facebook ads, then here is what you need to know.

Your Ideal Customer is on Facebook

This is an undeniable fact. Your ideal customer, no matter what industry you serve, is somewhere on Facebook. Sure, there is the odd exception, but these instances are increasingly rare. With 2/3 of the United States Population on Facebook it’s safe to say someone on Facebook is willing to buy what you’re selling.

Facebook Advertising for Businesses

Laser-Focused Targeting Options

So how do you get your business in front of your ideal customer? After all, 1.45 billion people use Facebook on a daily basis; how do you get your ad in front of relevant people? This is the second part of Facebook ads you’re missing out on: targeting. Facebook has some of the most robust targeting options available in advertising. You can target potential customers based on their:

  • Location. For example, down to a 1 mile radius of your business.
  • Pages a User Likes. For example, people who have liked your competitor’s page.
  • General Interests. For example, people interested in small business or organic gardening.
  • Life Events. For example, if someone is newly engaged or has a new job.
  • And hundreds of other options

Let’s say you’re a real estate agent. You can craft an ad around targeting options which exclude recent homebuyers but show ads to newly engagement people with over $75,000 yearly income who live in your zip codes. If you’re a real estate agent not using Facebook ads, you’re missing out on that highly profitable lead source—a lead source your competitors are tapping into.

A Unique Offering of Ad Types

So, you’ve developed a good audience to show your ads to. The next thing Facebook excels at is their plethora of ad options. If you’re just doing Google AdWords or sending postcards, you’re not presented with a wide variety of options in design. You’re also missing out on the unique types of ads Facebook offers, including but not limited to:

  • Facebook Event Page Promotions. If you have an upcoming event, create an event page around it and then create an ad which pushes the event page to folks who would be interested in attending.
  • Audience Building Facebook Ads. Encourage people to like your Facebook page and grow an audience of users who engage with your business on a regular basis.
  • Facebook Lead Generation Forms. You can create a lead generation form on Facebook so when someone clicks your ad they have the option of sending information directly to you for a quote.
  • Re-targeting Facebook Ads. Facebook lets us show ads to people who already visited our website. It’s a great way to keep people informed of your products and stay in front of those people who were interested enough to visit your website.
  • And much more!

There’s Minimal Commitment

We understand budgets can get tight. But if you can’t afford to spend 1$ per day to get in front of 3,000-5,000 people then you shouldn’t be in business. Facebook ads are the least expensive ads available, period. Here’s a graph created by Brian Carter on the YouMoz blog which compares average cost per reach for various media outlets.

average cost per reach for various media outlets

Facebook ads offer a very minimal commitment to get content up and running. Unlike many other advertising formats if you don’t like how they are performing you can turn them off with the click of a button.

What are you Waiting for?

So if you’re in business and currently not doing Facebook ads, then you’re missing out. For help with getting started on Facebook advertising, drop us a line on our Facebook page or give us a call. We’d be happy to talk through Facebook ads with you to see if this ad format would be the right fit for your business.

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