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Is My Outdated Website Turning Potential Customers Away?

Your company’s website is one of the first places your potential customers will interact with your business. Think of it as the digital version of a storefront. If the storefront hasn’t been updated in years, the faded paint, antique décor, peeling signage, and abandoned look of the place will easily give passersby a bad impression and turn them away from your business – before they even step inside.

beautiful storefront

Your website works similarly; if it doesn’t look attractive and updated in both design and content, online visitors will be quick to hit their browser’s ‘Back’ button and find a more updated and interesting website. Let’s break down why it’s essential for you to provide internet users with the best digital storefront possible.

What You See vs. What They See

customer and owner bad website

As a business owner, you might look at renovating your website as a strenuous endeavor that you don’t have the time or money to figure out. Even the simplest website-building platforms take time to learn and utilize to design a brand new site, especially if it’s your first time using one. You might be thinking that since your website contains a few important pieces of information, it’s good enough to get consumers to give you their business. Think again!

Internet users are all about visuals when it comes to web browsing. They want pleasant designs, attractive color schemes, easy-to-use functionality, and smooth navigation. Additionally, they want confidence that you are current and credible as a business. If they’re going to invest their time and money into your company, they need that positive first impression in order for them to get on board.

Common Perceptions of an Outdated Website

customer not happy with website

Your online presence must be refined if you’re going to make a good impression on potential customers. If your website isn’t updated with modern design and functionality, visitors will be very quick to dismiss your business altogether and look to a competing business who seems to be more current and present online.

Here’s what your website visitors are likely assuming from your old or outdated website:

  • You’re not a legitimate or trustworthy business.
  • You won’t provide good customer support.
  • Your business is going downhill.
  • You aren’t current on the latest technology.
  • You don’t care about your customers.
  • Their personal data and payment information aren’t safe or secure with you.

So how do you stop your website from leaving a bad taste in visitors’ mouths? Keeping in mind what the customer wants to see when you are redesigning your website is vital.

What Your Customers Are Looking For

great website

Most of the time, a customer is clicking on your website because there is something they desire. At the very least, they have an interest in what your company has to offer. Here are the specific items your website needs in order for potential customers to view you as credible and current as a business.

Images: Every great business website features relevant and high-quality photos and graphics. Some examples of image content to add to your page are:

  • Your logo
  • Your business’ exterior and/or interior
  • Your team
  • Awards you’ve won
  • Your employees hard at work
  • Before-and-afters
  • Products you have for sale

Remember that the images you are showing visitors should evoke an emotional and positive response. When used properly, the right images can make your customers want to give you their business.

Location(s): Always make it clear to customers where your business is located and what geographical areas you serve. Potential leads will spend more time on your website if they can confirm quickly that you serve their area or have a store location nearby.

Contact Information: Your business listing is important to have on Google, but it’s also vital to include the same contact information on your website. Ensure your business phone number, email address, and physical address are easy to find on the page. Adding click-to-call functionality is another benefit to your website, as it can turn an interested potential customer into a solid lead by getting them on the phone with you in just one click.

Updated Content: Does your website have a designated page for updates and company news? Your customers are already well aware of the fact that businesses change, and if they don’t see the most current information about your business on your website, they’ll believe they can’t trust any of the information your site provides. Being up-to-date with news and blog posts is essential to ensuring potential customers know that you are present and available.

Video: Video is growing to be an incredibly popular source of media that internet users of all ages enjoy. Adding videos to your website is a great way to give customers a closer and more intimate look at your business, and can be an exciting way to showcase your company’s products or services.

Mobile Optimization: Even a website that is flawless when viewed on a desktop computer falls short if it isn’t optimized for mobile. Most people today use a mobile device when searching for products or services they need, and your website needs to be carefully optimized for mobile viewing and functionality if your potential customers are going to have a smooth and positive experience.

Bring New Life to Your Website with Professional Web Design

Don’t let a lack of time, energy, or web design knowledge keep you from providing potential customers with the best first impression of your business online. The professionals at Advantage Internet Marketing have the tools and expertise in web design necessary to turn your old, outdated website into one that gives visitors the desire and drive to give you their business.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation for a new or redesigned website or to learn more about our online marketing services in Maryland.

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