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New VR Features and Their Potential

Yesterday Facebook launched an incredible, very scripted, Oculus Connect demo.  Despite its obvious dramatics, it was really enthralling to see the new VR features actually applied IRL, well maybe IVRL, you get what we are saying.  Basically they tested out for all of us to see, the best and most comprehensive capabilities that the Oculus and VR has to offer.  It is highly interactive and user friendly from what the demo showed us, actually take a look for yourself:

The software is incredibly personal and interactive.  The potential for its applications in marketing and other business sectors, like customer service, are something that we as marketers should begin to think about.

One of my first thoughts is that we could start seeing this applied in ways where businesses are able to take potential customers to their business, their products and services, and their teams before they have made a final buying decision. This will aid a business in capturing and retaining that customer.  For example If you were deciding between two markets in the area, each that had a VR tour of their facilities and products, you would be able to asses the facility, browse the selection, and make a buying decision all from your couch.  Not only that, but with the level of interactivity here you could be given a tour by a real market staff member, ask questions and have them answered, maybe they could even show you sales and deals, and give you coupons loaded right to your loyalty card.

One has to use their imagination here, there are endless possibilities in where this could take the average consumer, and how businesses could use it as a marketing tool. It truly is an environment where anything is possible.

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