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Try These 3 Tips For Writing Engaging Headlines

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For most non-marketing focused people and businesses, writing a headline is an afterthought.  As much as we hate to admit it, the headline is almost more important the the content itself, and not putting a strategy behind it is a big mistake.

Most readers won’t even make it past the headline of the article, if the headline isn’t engaging enough the likelihood that it even warrant a click-through to your post is slim.  That’s why writing a captivating, engaging, and compelling headline are so important, because without it your post won’t be read at all.

Include Numbers

Research shows that starting a headline with a number, like the one for this blog post, are more engaging and compelling and will tend to generate more readers, so for example let’s look at our own post:

“Tips For Writing Engaging Headlines” and “3 Tips For Writing Engaging Headlines”

The average person is more intrigued to know which 3 tips are important over reading general tips, there you have it!

Use Positive Adjectives

Just including attractive adjectives can pump up the description enough to really draw in a reader.  Again let’s look at our own post as an example:

“3 Tips For Writing Headlines” and “3 Tips For Writing Engaging Headlines”

Don’t forget to read your headline before hitting publish and make sure there isn’t a better and more attractive way to describe the noun in your title.

Call To Action

You can simple add a call to action to your headline to make it that much more engaging, you are after all, asking someone to do something by including this call to action, our example:

“3 Tips For Writing Engaging Headlines” and “Try These 3 Tips For Writing Engaging Headlines”

The order of any of these tips is interchangeable, and you can use any or all three together.  There is an intense set of formulas when writing headlines, but these three tips have proven to be the cream of the crop and will help even the most novice writer create an engaging and attractive headline for their content.  If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with creating content for your website or simply have run out of time and resources, contact Advantage Internet Marketing, we have the expert formulas necessary to write valuable content with engaging headline and key words that can be read and easily shared by your audience.


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