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Phone Photography Tips for Internet Marketing

If you have ever dealt with managing digital marketing campaigns or social media pages, you’ve probably seen how different social media platforms handle pictures. It can get quite annoying when you have a great opportunity to take a picture only to find out later that the one you took simply will not work. To avoid these hiccups, follow these simple phone photography tips for internet marketing.

Phone Photography Tips for Internet Marketing

Empty Space

Leave blank space around your main subject when taking a photo. Blank space creates visual interest. In the photo above, it has a feeling of motion not only because the person is running but because there is blank space for them to run into.

In addition, blank space also creates a workable area which your Maryland digital marketing agency can use for text when creating digital display ads for your Facebook or Google pages

Rules of Thumb

There are a bunch of “rules” in photography, such as the golden rule, or the rules of thirds. In short, they all boil down to the need to take photos that are divided into thirds. Have your subject(s) in one third, and the other two thirds can be empty space, secondary landscaping, or out-of-focus objects—your call. Just be sure your photo roughly divides up into three portions.

Avoid Digital Zoom

The zoom capability on a majority of cell phones uses “digital zoom” as opposed to the “optical zoom” you find on dedicated cameras. The difference is optical zoom uses a camera lens whereas a digital zoom is simply your device cropping the edges and zooming on the photo. It’s what you’d do with photo editing software.

If you want to zoom in on a photo with your phone, walk closer or crop the photo later. Otherwise you’ll have a grainy photo which isn’t usable for all intents and purposes.

Odd Numbers

This is more of a design choice or opinion, but when sizing up where and what you want to take a picture of, try and include odd numbers. If you have the option of taking a photo of two or three cows, choose three. This is because the eye will gravitate towards the center of something. With odd numbers, the center is the middle object; with even numbers the center will be empty space.

Landscape Orientation

Shooting in the vertical orientation isn’t necessary wrong – in fact, when done correctly it can be quite beautiful. But if you’re taking photos for your internet marketing campaign, only shoot photos horizontally. By taking horizontal photos (called landscape), you’re taking a photograph which can actually be used on a majority of social media platforms and digital marketing advertisements.

For example, if you’re taking a photo to give to your internet marketing company for a Facebook ad, the requirements for a Facebook ad are typically 1200 px. wide by 628 px. tall. Here’s what would happen to a vertical photo if you had to crop it to fit these requirements:

Juggler Cropping Issue with Vertical Photography

Tap to Focus

If you’re taking photos with a digital camera, be sure to tap your phone’s screen where the subject of your photo is. This will help the camera understand where the focus of the photo should be. To play around with this, try focusing on areas which aren’t the subject of your photo and let the subject become blurred out. If you send a blurry photo to your Carroll County website design company, they will most likely not be able to use it and still provide a professional looking website.

Clean the Lens

If you’re like us, you keep your phone in your pocket or bag for most of the day. Which means it can get fairly dirty. Before taking any photos with your phone (or even your dedicated camera for that matter) clean your phone’s camera lens with a soft cloth. This will ensure you get the clearest picture possible.

If you’re in need of digital marketing help for your Maryland business, get in touch with Advantage Internet Marketing today. Advantage Internet Marketing is an internet marketing company who can help with you with all of your internet marketing needs, under one roof. Give us a call today at 410-848-4737 or fill out the contact us form on our website for more information.

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