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Run Your Business Better With Web Apps


If you have a website for your business, you already know the value of web presence. Your website allows potential customers to find you, learn about your services and get in touch. And most importantly, it gets you leads! But what if the Internet could provide you with more than just new clients? What if you could actually use it to manage your business or even offer additional services? With custom web applications, you can!

What is a Web App?

Put simply, a web app is any program or software that runs in a web browser. This is different from traditional software that runs on a computer’s operating system, like Microsoft Word or iTunes. And it’s also different from a basic website you find online. What separates a web application (app) from a website is the level of user interaction.

With a standard website, the user is primarily just viewing content and maybe filling out a form. Web apps, on the other hand, allow a user to edit, update, remove, and interact with the content or underlying database. Many online services, such as the personal finance website and even Facebook can be considered web applications due to the complexity of their features and inner workings. In addition, where websites are primarily for clients and customers, web applications can also be used by business managers and employees.

How Can My Business Use Web Apps?

Now that you know what a web app is, you’re probably wondering how your business can use it. While the possibilities for what a web app can do are nearly endless, here a few common applications that most businesses can utilize.

Project Management

Staying organized is a battle that almost every business fights on a daily basis. Remaining on top of ongoing projects, ensuring that deadlines are not being missed, and keeping track of documents and materials can be a real struggle. But with the right web application, these and other processes can be simplified and streamlined. By using an online interface, project managers and other employees can store, access, and manipulate project data and information easily and from anywhere they have an internet connection. And the beauty of web apps is that you can use the app (with some exceptions) as long as you have a modern browser.

Customer Relationship Management

Without customers, you don’t have a business. Because of this, the importance of maintaining positive customer relationships cannot be overstated. With Customer Relationship Management applications (CRMs), you can keep your customers happy as well as learn from them. CRMs are capable of tracking marketing campaigns, providing customer support, managing support tickets, and more. And with a web-based solution, you can help your customers quicker by accessing the data through your smartphone or another mobile device, instead of having to wait to get back to your office desktop.


Why force your customers to come to your brick-and-mortar store when they can just as easily order online? With an e-commerce application, you can sell your products and services online as well as keep track of inventory, sales, and trends. An online store can be as simple as selling branded T-shirts or as complex as offering a full-fledged apparel line. As with the previously mentioned web apps, an online marketplace web application allows your customers to purchase from you anywhere they can get an internet connection (which is pretty much everywhere nowadays).

These are just a few of the forms that web applications can take. If you want to know more about web apps or how they can help you run your business, contact us today or give us a call at 410-848-4737.

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