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3 Considerations for Making an App

3 Considerations for Making an App

So, you think you have the best-ever idea for an app, one you’re positive will be the next Snapchat and put you on “easy street”. Well, before you start cranking away at design and development, here are a few things you may want to take into consideration. Web or Mobile (or Both) Before you start […]

Three 2016 App Trends you’ll see again in 2017

maryland, web, design, apps, mobile, marketing

The mobile app development world is growing at a rapid rate. Whether you are an app developer or a business who is developing an app for your company, you’ll want to keep up to date on the ever evolving trends and new updates that happen in the app world. Here is Advantage Internet Marketing’s top […]

Is Mobile Gaming the Next Big Marketing Channel?

app, marketing, internet, web design

If you’ve played more than a few phone app games you may have noticed what I have: the advertising.  I am not just talking pop-ups, I mean several forms of advertising right down to game event sponsors, credits within the game for watching sponsored videos, and “hidden” marketing signage within the apps.  While I think […]

The Evolving Mobile App

The Mobile App industry is ever evolving and changing, now more than ever.  Years ago developers were churning out apps for just about everything, and the world was eating them up.  The nature of app design as well as the app experience is changing according to many, the need for singular apps is dissolving and making […]

4 Apps You Can’t Live Without – As Recommended by an App Developer

Being an app developer gives you insight into the world of apps that the common consumer doesn’t necessarily have. Building a good app means looking at other, similar apps and observing how they run, what they do and how they are used. Having become familiar with the range of apps available, I’ve grown to appreciate […]

Run Your Business Better With Web Apps

If you have a website for your business, you already know the value of web presence. Your website allows potential customers to find you, learn about your services and get in touch. And most importantly, it gets you leads! But what if the Internet could provide you with more than just new clients? What if […]