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4 Apps You Can’t Live Without – As Recommended by an App Developer


Being an app developer gives you insight into the world of apps that the common consumer doesn’t necessarily have. Building a good app means looking at other, similar apps and observing how they run, what they do and how they are used. Having become familiar with the range of apps available, I’ve grown to appreciate my own staple of apps that I use on a regular basis. Here are few of them and the reasons why they are so crucial to me. (Note: I’m an Android user, so some of these may be Android-only).

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is a fantastic app that does exactly what it sounds like – it lets you message people. You can send a message to any of your Facebook friends and even initiate a phone or video call. Group chats are also simple to set up. In addition, the app features an option to have an onscreen bubble pop up whenever a message is sent. This is a great, user-friendly way to keep track of ongoing conversations even while using another app.

Why it’s so crucial:

I keep in touch with a lot of people using this app and it’s much easier to reach out with than email. I have several ongoing group chats and it’s really helped me to organize my social life.

Google Keep

There are many note-taking apps out there, but one of the most simple and easy to use is Google Keep. This app allows you to take notes, record voice memos, make lists and even set reminders. The interface organizes saved notes in a rectangular, grid-like configuration that makes them easy to locate and creates an appealing look. On top of that, your notes are accessible via the Google Keep website and automatically sync to your Google account.

Why it’s so crucial:

I’m terrible at remembering things, so it’s important that I take good notes that I can get to easily. If I don’t have time to open the keyboard (or I’m too lazy), I can easily record a voice note for later listening.

Pocket Casts

If you aren’t on the podcast bandwagon yet, I suggest you hop on. A podcast is like a radio show but is typically available for free on the Internet. There are thousands of podcasts out there for download on a vast assortment of topics.

Pocket Casts is an excellent app for subscribing to and downloading podcasts. When a new episode is made live, Pocket Cast will display it in your list and you can even set it to automatically download it to your storage. If you have the data for it, you can also stream the podcast direct. The cherry on top is that it also syncs with a browser app for use on a desktop.

Why it’s so crucial:

I have a pretty long commute in the morning and there are a few podcasts that help me get through it. Pocket Cast is easy to use and syncs across all of my devices so I never lose my place.


One of the best map apps around, Waze goes beyond a simple map app to give you alerts and traffic information. The app lets users report to other users when there are traffic problems, like for example if someone parked on the shoulder or if there is a speed trap. In addition, it has the navigation features of Apple/Google Maps and can reroute you if necessary.

Why it’s crucial:

Waze keeps me safe on the road and out of trouble.

These are just a few of the apps that I use on a regular basis. If you have a great idea for an app that you think people won’t be able to live without, give us a call at Advantage Internet Marketing and we can make it a reality.

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