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Video Killed the Old Content Stars


At Advantage Internet Marketing we proudly offer our clients professional video services. We feel strongly that video is trending to be the next big thing in Content Marketing. Videos can help tell your story, educate your customers, optimize your web pages, and are something that lives forever on the internet! Don’t believe us? Check out the article below and leave a comment if you disagree!

“Video is the new star of content marketing. Everyone’s crazy about it. By 2017, it will make up 70 percent of internet traffic, which means that an article like this would probably become a video too. And you will click PLAY instead of SCROLLING down to see the content.

Experts have already advised us to include videos in our marketing strategies, and a quick search on Google will show hundreds of articles confirming that this is the future of content marketing. So should you integrate video into your marketing strategy?”

Read full article here.

If you’re ready to take your company’s web page to the next level contact us today for a consultation. Our team is ready to produce a high quality web video that will make you competitive and reputable in your industry!

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