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What Happened to My Facebook Page?

new facebook layout 2016It’s that time again! – Time to check out your New Facebook Page layout.  The new layout rolled out yesterday, August 4, 2016, and the king of social media has in fact made a lot of changes.  If you own a Facebook page for your business you’ll want to hop over there and make sure that you don’t have any adjusting to do.

The Layout is aesthetically much cleaner and nothing has been completely removed, you’re just looking at a major reorganization.  Take a look at what it looks like:

New Facebook Layout

Let’s take a step back and see what all the fuss is about.

  1. Profile Picture

The Profile Picture now lives in column to the left of the Facebook feed.  The great news is the new profile picture doesn’t require re-sizing.  If you had a picture that interacted with your cover photo than you should consider making it more evergreen.  In case you were wondering the sizing on the Profile picture was and will remain 170 x 170 pixels.

2.  Cover Picture

Because the profile picture has been relocated your cover photo is now unobstructed by anything.  As a marketing agency we had to adjust a lot of our clients cover photos because they were previously design to leave ample space in the left hand corner where the profile picture used to live.  If there are callouts to the like or shop now button in the cover photo those will now also need to be adjusted.

3. Navigation Menu

Under the profile picture in the new left column you’ll find all of the new navigation items, visitors of your page can now select the type of media they want to see: videos, pictures, and about for example.  This navigation is completely customizable and you can even include a new category to showcase other social content, your reviews, or subscriptions.

4. The Button

Specifically for business pages you’ll notice that the call to action button is now larger!  This is where we ask our visitors to call, shop, or perform many actionables you can select in you page editor.  Take advantage of this if you weren’t already, you can also track the success of this button in your Facebook Insights.

5. Ads

Pages are officially ad free.  Before this week you would notice ads and various other remarketing happening in the right hand side of your pages.  WE will see these no longer!

We Can Help

If you have a business Facebook page and need help making sense of the new layout, how to manage Facebook ads, or want more followers, contact us today to discuss our Social Media offerings.



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