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Brand Visibility

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Many years of marketing experience and education has taught me a lot about the relationships between the product and the consumer, as well as the business behind the product.  I have watched marketing grow from a print industry to a digital one, seen logos from brands I love evolve into more refined versions of themselves, much like watching a child grow into an adult over time.  I have spent a lot of time researching and discussing the idea of brand awareness and how it develops and manifests, as well as how this ties in so tightly to content marketing and the consumers need to see and visualize those brands over time to achieve the impact as the Taco Bell Logo, The Mc Arches, and Apple Icon.

I have written articles on Content Marketing, and why it is King, but when you tear down all the walls and Marketing theory and really look at it on the most primal level, consider that human animals are just more receptive and dependent on visuals.  Our species processes more sufficiently through visuals then reading and hearing alone, we are hunters and our predatory brains devour visual content at a speed 60,000 times fast than text.

What Does This Mean for Marketing

The time has come for marketing to shift as an industry again, and it’s happening right before our eyes (Pun intended).  We are present to witness advertising and marketing on a global scale shift its energy into visual content, specifically video, because consumer prefer online video content to nearly any other form of marketing.  Marketers are now accountable for making the changes for themselves, their respected brands, and their clients.  Video and Content Marketing will fully take over and those who resist the change will be left unengaged and lost at the bottom of a pile of competitors.

What Can We Do

  • Personalization. I can not stress this enough, Personalized messages to target audiences are possible, and amazingly effective.
  • Expose Big Data. Consumers are smarter now then they used to be, use your data as a tool, make it live, make it available, and use it to drive sales.
  • Be Creative. There is a direct correlation to brand success and the level of creative risk they take, even brands who take risks with humorous or risky content and fail, are still more recognizable than those who take no risks at all.  This is the age old idea of “No press is bad press,” and it still hold true.  If your content isn’t sharable, isn’t relatable, and doesn’t educate its audience, than it isn’t working, or at least working well.

There really isn’t time to waste, brand awareness is the extent to which a brand can be identified by it’s consumers, and if you are failing to serve up visual content to your customers then they will find it elsewhere.  Whether you want Video, Engaging Web Sites, Social Media Content, let us cast out a life line to your brand and pull you aboard, our Content ship is sailing and we are taking as many with us as we can.  Contact us today to learn more!


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