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The Future of VR Video Marketing

You may be unaware but the VR (Virtual Reality) is now available to the public and gaining some very quick ground in the gaming world and online in general.  Because of it’s popularity marketers are taking advantage of the platform to experiment with it and use it to help sell products and educate consumers.  It’s estimated now that there are over 170 million VR owners out these!  Whether this is a passing craze or not, good marketers should still be finding new and exciting ways to use it, much like the video above that when viewed with VR Goggles allows one to test out a visit to Hamilton Island before traveling there!

While VR headsets don’t actually transport you to another location, they give you the experience that you are somewhere else (just like the video above) and this makes the memory last longer and create a better impression.

VR gives viewers a much more intense experience than traditional video marketing. As such, it can evoke stronger emotions and therefore has a better chance of encouraging users to complete the action that you want them to, whether that’s buying, signing up, or downloading.

With VR, you can experience things that you may never be able to experience, such as space travel, and even time travel! You can also get a taste for activities that you might like to try in the future, like skydiving.

As VR is relatively new to consumers, there is still a high public interest in it. This elevated interest means that early adopters of VR can benefit from a large amount of media exposure. You may think that being a novelty will not necessarily increase the longevity of a marketing strategy, but in the marketing world a novelty can last a long time. Take video as an example. Video marketing is considered relatively new to the marketing world — even though it is a good couple of years old – and yet it is still one of the most favoured marketing tactics around.

This idea of ‘novelties’ goes even deeper. Within video marketing, shorter content (like pre-rolls) are the latest novelty. Last year, Microsoft found that the average digitized brain only pays attention for eight seconds, and, as such, 10 second video ads tend to have greater appeal and persuasion potential than longer ads.

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We might not all agree that VR is the next big thing in marketing, but we are sure that video content is, and if you have a great idea for a video let us be the ones to help you make it a real reality, contact us today!

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