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Don’t Miss Out on Mobile Traffic

Based on recent studies it is now safe to say that about half of your market is accessing your website through a mobile device, depending on your industry this number can be even higher.  With half or more of your target audience accessing your information on a phone, you’d be crazy not to have a mobile friendly website in place.  Yet, more and more, we find that there are companies out there that either don’t have mobile responsive website at all, or have mobile sites that do not function properly.

“We joke in our industry that customers carry around tiny computers in their purses and pockets all day, and to not have a website that works well with these devices is basically alienating half of your potential market,” said Nathaniel Zich, president of Simply Design Inc, an Albuquerque-based web development company.


He says customers don’t want to wait until they get home to find important information on the web, they want it now, and he’s not the only one who thinks so.

“More and more of the web traffic is going mobile,” said Eric Debelak, a web developer with 11 Online, a web design and development company, also based in Albuquerque. “I think a lot of businesses miss out on what their demographic is and what their needs are.”

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Not having a mobile website is a missed opportunity to do business with a large part of your target audience, don’t be left in the dark, contact us today to discuss your website needs.

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