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Google uses numerous factors in their equation that drives SEO and how pages are ranked in their Search function.  The top two factors have been for quite some time Content and Links.  Without a robust linking structure built into your website you will be missing a large and very significant piece of the SEO puzzle.  That means having content that is link to from other websites, links that send you outbound to valuable material, and cross linked pages within your own website.  Why is this? – Simply put: valuable web content is linked to, and links out to the rest of your website as it’s resource.  Don’t believe me, check this out:

Great content is linked to, and in turn links out to the rest of the site as a valuable resource. When content lacks links, no matter how great that content is, it lacks the authority signals that Google requires to rank pages in search results.

Links from other sites — external links — are the most valuable because they send the strongest signals to search engines that your content is authoritative. However, external links take time to acquire and are harder to influence. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t work with the rest of the marketing department on a strong content marketing strategy. You should. But it takes time, skill, and luck for those efforts to mature into links.

Internal links — the links you build on your own site to cross-link pages — are easier to achieve and manage over time. They’re also important indicators of value to search engines because the pages that are linked to most frequently from other pages are deemed most valuable to searchers.

Said another way, if you want something to rank, you need to link to it from as many pages on the site as makes sense from a shopper’s experience standpoint.

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When we put together a website we use our own formula that takes into account content, links, images, layout, and a long list of other factors that we have found Google and other Search engines use to formulate who ranks best.  In conjunction with our optimized websites we also work hard with our clients to take daily multifaceted approaches to SEO that allow us to help them move as quickly as possible to the top of the search rankings.  If you’re interested in a thoughtfully designed website and learning more about our approach to SEO contact us in the form below.


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