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Optimizing For Google’s Featured Review System

marketing, seo, reviews, ranking

This past October, Google announced that it would be adjusting its search results so that visitors searching for businesses will be directed to the most reputable locations based on quality reviews left by trusted publishers. What this means is that Google will take into account several to hundreds of reviews from across the web, and […]

What’s Under Your Website’s Hood?

SEO, marketing, web design, AIM

Websites are a lot like cars, they require tune ups, regular maintenance, and help our traffic get from point A to point B.  When you and your competitor’s website pull up along the starting line and race, what determines who takes the checkered flag?  Websites are also a lot like cars in that they may […]

Is Your Website’s Code Hurting Your SEO?

So you’ve just launched your beautiful new website and you’re feeling great about it. You’re proud of your easy-to-use, eye-catching interface and well-written, informative content. But a few months later you type in some keywords related to your business into Google and, much to your chagrin, your site is nowhere to be found! What happened?! […]

Why It’s Important to Have Your Business Listed on Yellow Pages

You might have heard from your Maryland internet marketing person that Yellow Pages are dead. And they sure are if we are talking about the traditional phone book advertising. Those bulky yellow artifacts are now serving as door stops and kindling aid—you are not getting any business from them anymore! However, the Yellow Pages have […]