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6 Startup Web Design Trends to Consider for 2017

As 2016 draws to a close, it is time to think about the most recent web design trends that we’ve been seeing the later part of this year, and whether or not we think they’ll stay fast or fade away for something greater.  Web design has come a long way and it’s not about to […]

What’s Under Your Website’s Hood?

SEO, marketing, web design, AIM

Websites are a lot like cars, they require tune ups, regular maintenance, and help our traffic get from point A to point B.  When you and your competitor’s website pull up along the starting line and race, what determines who takes the checkered flag?  Websites are also a lot like cars in that they may […]

Ross Albers :: Case Study

We are excited to announce the launch of The Law Offices of Ross Albers is a Westminster, MD DUI Attorney specializing in providing clients throughout Maryland with legal services for Maryland DUIs, Maryland Personal Injury, Maryland Criminal Law, and more! Put Your Best Foot Forward A large part of your Internet marketing and conversions […]

Brand Visibility

Many years of marketing experience and education has taught me a lot about the relationships between the product and the consumer, as well as the business behind the product.  I have watched marketing grow from a print industry to a digital one, seen logos from brands I love evolve into more refined versions of themselves, much […]

Dealing with WordPress Updates

WordPress is an amazingly useful tool. We use it on approximately 85% of our projects, and it is used by approximately one-quarter of the entire Web. A new major version of WordPress is released every 3 or 4 months with a variety of new features. There is a vibrant development community surrounding it, and there […]

3 Ways Web Design Massively Impacts CRO

If you’ve ever had website conversion issues you’ve probably spent hours picking apart your home page and website, your calls to action, and just about anything you can think of that might be the culprit.  What many don’t understand are that sometimes the most minute details are the ones that have the hugest impact on […]

The Benefits of Responsive Design

The popularity of responsive web design has been growing steadily for the past few years. There is now an abundance of frameworks, themes and templates built to create a seamless, responsive experience for the end user. However, there are still many businesses and website owners who are using a separate mobile site (or no mobile […]

Winterton Painting: Case Study

We are excited to announce the launch of Winterton Painting, Inc. is an Allentown, PA painting contractor that provides residential painting, commercial painting, and non-paint services to customers throughout Northampton, Allentown, Center Valley, and the surrounding Lehigh Valley. Common Problems Often we sit down with clients that already have an existing or want a […]

Why your site may look different in different browsers

Have you ever looked at a website on one computer, then you look at it on another computer and it’s slightly different? Maybe it’s slight, and you have to look closely, but if you look close enough at any website, it will usually look different on different computers. Why? Shouldn’t websites look exactly the same […]

Why Content Marketing is King

  Traditional marketing strategies are becoming harder and harder to institute with the ever changing consumers of the world today. Our consumers are smarter and have ways to shut off and shut out marketing, for example most people these days own a DVR simply so that they can skip the traditional commercials on television. Marketers […]